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Best Streaming Services Especially for You In 2022

As time has passed, people have started using different streaming services for different purposes. While we all love general streaming services where we can find all genres in one place, these services don’t always work for those who are looking for a certain kind of content. Well, it is 2022 and technologically things are getting as easier and convenient as they can get, and so are streaming services. However, since different people have different interests, there are now specified streaming services for people with different kinds of tastes in entertainment. There are many streaming services that are very specific in terms of their content so that people can get a subscription of what they prefer watching most.

While we might not be talking about all those streaming services, here we will discuss the most common general and specific streaming services that everyone should know about.


Netfix is the streaming service that people use to watch their favorite TV shows of all times, but more importantly, Netflix has some really good original content in terms of documentaries, TV shows, movies, and reality shows that you only find on Netflix. If you are someone who is not very specific and loves original quality content there are a lot of TV shows, movies, and documentaries on Netflix that you will love. Apart from original high quality shows, Netflix has many famous shows and movies.

If you like to watch all kinds of entertaining content, and you don’t have Netflix yet, we suggest you should get RCN TV. RCN TV is a digital TV service that comes with 150+ TV channels in HD and you get to stream your favorite TV shows on RCN On Demand, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and much more.


If you are someone who is bored and tired with the same old shows with the same cliché plots, this streaming channel is for you. CuriosityStream is a channel dedicated to documentaries. The streaming service has a huge collection of entertaining and most importantly informative content and there are categories like, Kids, History, Lifestyle, Nature, Science, Technology and Society. The documentaries on CuriosityStream are super informative and critical and if you are someone who loves educational and quality TV shows, you should get a subscription right now. With every show, or episode you watch you will increase your knowledge and learn about the most unusual and fascinating things.


If you are a Disney lover, and also a die-hard Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars fan, Disney+ is the streaming service for you. Along with their own original content, Disney+ has all the Disney movies, shows, and shows for Marvel, and Star Wars fans. So, if you love watching those classic Disney movies, and also like watching Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars content time to time, you can find almost all the old and latest content on Disney+. So, get your subscription now, and watch all you favorite Disney movies that you don’t find any place else.


fuboTV is a streaming service dedicated to sports fans. The basic subscription gets you access to almost 120 sports channels depending on your location. Apart from that fuboTV not only gives you access to the local channels but you also get to stream international and the most popular sports channels. Also, if you are a die-hard sports fan and don’t prefer getting an extra streaming service for other entertainment options, fuboTV has you covered with their vide variety of entertainment channels. So, in one place you can live stream sports, and also watch tons of on demand TV shows and movies.

History Vault

If you love learning about history and specifically about the ancient civilizations and militaries, History Vault is for you. The streaming service is super affordable and has mostly biopics of historical figures, and documentaries about ancient historical events. So, if you love history and like learning about ancient societies, practices, the people, cultures, and values, this is the ultimate streaming service for you.


Crunchyroll is a streaming service for all the anime lovers out there. It has more than 1200 titles in the library with all the popular anime shows included. Apart from all the popular shows, Chrunchyroll has their own original series of anime shows. So, if you are an anime lover and want all of your favorite shows, and some new original content in one place, Crunchyroll is the ultimate streaming service for you. The best part is that it also has a free version if you want to only check it out before buying.

The streaming services mentioned above are only a few services that you can get if you love specific kind of content. Apart from these, there are plenty of streaming services for all kinds of content. So, get your favorite streaming service now and enjoy.

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