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July 4, 2022
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A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Since the onset of the pandemic, working from home has become a new social norm. Despite working from home is more convenient and comfortable, it can become problematic when your equipment at home isn’t as up to date as the one in your office.

This gap in specifications and technology will ultimately cause you to be less productive because of the poor performance of your computer affecting your work speed. An interesting solution to this problem is the implementation and integration of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is described as a virtual solution that allows anyone to access any desktop in the network remotely. This essentially means that if the desktops in your office were successfully integrated with this system, you can access and control your work desktop using other devices such as a personal computer at home or even your mobile phone.

How is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Useful?

As we just explained how VDI works, you might be asking how would this be useful? How is being able to access and control my work desktop using my personal computer useful?

One of the major benefits of being able to control your desktop remotely allows you to continue your progress in your work anytime, anywhere. As we previously mentioned, your personal computer might not be as strong as your office computer which can hamper your progress. Through VDI you wouldn’t have to worry about such a thing occurring because everything is performed remotely without degradation in speed, making it seem like you are working in the office despite not being there.

Why Should I Get Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Besides the previous entry, the main reason why you would want to get Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is the amount of time you get to potentially save while also saving up on cost. Through the implementation of VDI, more time is saved because it allows for remote working provided, the internet connection and the compatible devices to use the system, making it possible for anyone to progress in things such as documents and deliverables anytime.

Additionally, you can save up in costs for the company because through the implementation of the system, the need for more desktop computers is severely decreased because VDI can be done through the use of the cloud. The less computer you have to add and maintain, the lower cost and maintenance fees you have to look out for.

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